Because even sick puppies need plush toys

Patricia Waller:




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Happy VD!



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The mind reels

Did I mention that Paul Robertson is a genius? Yes, a genius. I may have to turn this blog into a reposting service of everything he posts at his blog. Some more examples:


Be sure to check out the party version of this one:


The next image should be considered NSFWSCOTEO (Not Safe For Work, Small Children, Or The Easily Offended):


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Is the word ‘genius’ overused? Because…



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When he looks away, I’ll grab him around the ankles, and you bash him over the head with the shovel, OK?

Today’s episode of how to humiliate your children for fun and profit for fun:


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New trend: LOLCHIMPS

Original found here (possibly my favorite blog ever).


Yeah, I know, this is really lame. But I was probably drunk when I posted it.

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Love it… but I’m not sure I get it.

Seen on FFFound:


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Da Ape

Seen on Found Shit:


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What would Salvador Dali say?

“What, ridden on a horse?” “You’ve got two empty ‘alves of coconut an’ you’re bangin’ ’em together!”


Spotted on Viacomit : Réalisé par Jaron Albertin et produit par Spy Films, voici “Fog Horn” la nouvelle campagne vidéo signé Diesel avec “A guy. A girl. A boat. A horse. A whip.” et ou l’absurde côtoie le SM qui côtoie le surréalisme…

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Unicorn Anatomie

From Mutley via jwz. One commenter noted “Complicated” to which Mutley replied “Indeed, they’re the most complex of all the bivalves.” Be sure to read the text below the diagram. I laughed until I cried.


Remember – should a unicorn get close enough to touch you with it’s pingers then you are most likely dead.

In the unlikely circumstance you live in spite of the odds, thrust several fingers into the gonophore sphincter, wherein two or more eggs are likely to be exiting during its excitable state. This should agitate the unicorn enough momentarily allowing you to escape being impaled on the wildly flailing bile duct.

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